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It's Time to Get Face-to-Face and Demand more Value from Events.

Discover how one-to-one appointments are changing the event landscape. Complete and submit form to download a copy of Certain's new white paper detailing appointment matching and its ability to generate value like never before! (*=required)

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Discover more about appointment matching and one-to-one meetings. Download the white paper, "Can Appointments Redefine Event Success? How Event Organizers Are Delivering Unprecedented Value with Appointments," and join the engagement revolution today.

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It's time to get face-to-face and demand more value from events. Discover how one-to-one appointments are changing the event landscape with Certain's new Infographic!

What They're Saying About Certain
"pioneers in cloud computing and SaaS" -Always On "effectively changing the way meeting planners and organizers are doing their jobs" -Mobile Enterprise Magazine "A meeting management platform for the event ecosystem"
-Training Magazine
"allows us to be more accurate, precise, and efficient in everything that we do." -Forbes "lets attendees provide feedback to speakers and event management, while also saving on expense and management.." -Datamation